About Advaith KIA

Advaith Kia is a wholly-owned company of the Advaith Group. One of the largest automotive retail chains in India, we are focused on delivering world-class customer experience across all business functions.

Our vision summarizes our priorities. We believe that everything we do, be it marketing the Luxurious and High-End Car - KIA brand or providing services to match, caring for the customer and taking care of every need, however small, is of utmost importance.

We (Advaith Kia Bangalore) perfectly understand our customer's need to get a competitive edge for their investments. After all, buying a Car would perhaps be the next biggest investment after acquiring a home.

And today, with growing markets and increased competition, we understand that our customers expect faster response times, be it in sales or services. And hence it is, and has always been, our vision to care for these very needs and ensure that owning their dream car will be a dream experience in itself.